Deadliest Catch – Episode Six (Recap) — “The Last Lap”

Wizard-CameramanSorry this post is a bit late, this week has not been a good one for me.  Hopefully next week I can get back on schedule.  Today is the first opportunity for me to review Episode 6 of the Deadliest Catch (thank God for DVRs).  Along with the review, I hope to answer a few questions from my adoring fans (okay, from the people I pay to read by blog).  Alright, deckhands, it is time to slap on the rain gear and get out on the deck, because we have pots to pull!

The Alaskan King Crab season is nearly finished as the fleet races to haul their last pots in before the price of crab drops, meaning thousand of dollars lost for the crab boats.  Along with this 48-hour deadline, the Captain’s Wager is also on the line. 

To bring you up to speed, the wager is on who uses the least amount of pots to haul in 100,000 pounds of crab — basically the highest crab per pot average.  Each captain put $100into the kiddy for a total of $900.  The only drawback to the wager is that the bigger boats like the Northwestern, Cornelia Marie, and Farwest Leader are at a disadvantage due to their big quotas for the crab processor that were agreed to before the season started  These quotas have propelled these boats to surpassed the 100,000 pounds already.  I guess being small is not a bad thing, because the Time Bandit and Maverick are still in the game.  Right now the two real leaders are the Time Bandit and Maverick with rookie Captain Blake at the helm. 

When we last left off, the Time Bandit had found the Valhalla of crab grounds.  Each pot brought to the surface is in the 100s…No Sh*%!  Yes, the 100s.  It’s unheard of in crab fishing.  Normally, a pot here and pot there of 100 is like hitting a scratch off lottery ticket, but having a whole string of 100+ crab per pot is out of this world!  Well, the Time Bandit has done it.  I guess that King Neptune is really looking after these guys after their daring rescue a few episodes go.  Like the proverb states – no good dead goes unrecognized.  That’s the case here. 

Farwest LeaderNot to be outdone, Captain Blake and the Maverick have also found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  His numbers look pretty darn good too!  Each pot he is bring up is averaging around 50 crab.  If he keeps this pace, the 900 bones (dollars) will be his…what a coup!  Within a short time, the Mavericks quota has been made per Blake’s calculations and all excess crab is going over board.  The season is now over!  Before heading back to Dutch to offload and collect the 900 bones along with bragging rights, the crew must haul up the rest of the pots and rail dump the crab back into the sea.  If not, a heavy fine could be levied on the boat for over fishing.  Dumping crab back, who would have thought that would occur before the season started.  Nice to have that luxury!

All the boats have had the best season on record this time around.  Every boat’s tanks are pack tight of the red gold Alaskan King Crab.  To put into perspective, each boat has roughly a million dollars of crab onboard!  That’s nothing to sneeze at.   I am already thinking on how to convince my wife to allow me to sign up next crab season as a greenhorn onCrab in the hold one of these fine boats.

Now that we’ve talked about the smaller boats, let’s see how the larger ones– Northwestern, Cornelia Marie, and the Farwest Leader — fared.  Well, Northwestern has been at it for the last 24 hours straight in order to meeta weigh in deadline (not meeting the dealine could cost Sig thousands of dollars in lost profits) and to get their criminal deckhand Matt to court to beat any jail time.  While pulling up the last string of pots, Matt is having a bit of time of not dwelling on the outcome – will he make it to court on time or not.  To add insult to injury, his beloved crewmates have not helped keep his mind off his pending crisis.  They painted jailhouse stripes and a prison number on his rain gear.  Boy, can you feel the love?!  As the numbers per pot have increased to more than 50 crab, the tanks are becoming full.  As morning breaks and a new day is upon these “modern day goldminers,” the goal of full tanks has now been meet — 130,000 pounds of crab in the tanks!  Sig has once again meet his quota, but more importantly, deckhand Matt has a great chance to make it to court on time and avoid jail.  Roughly each deckhand looks to pocket around $30,000 to $40,000.  Not bad for two weeks of work.  Once again, where do I sign up!

Not to be outdone, the Farwest Leader and, believe or not, the Cornelia Marie (with the bad wheel and repair) have all meet their quotes and are returning to Dutch Harbor (Cornelia Marie) and Akutan (Farwest leader) to off load.  Now, it is payday time for the fleet.

So I guess everyone is wondering as boats offload their crab, who has won the captain’s bet.  With an average of 70 crab per pot for the first 100,000 pounds, the comeback kids – TIME BANDIT — has WON!!!!  Wow…after starting off with barely any crab at the beginning of the season and finishing with a furry of full pots, the Time Bandit has pulled out a victory.  I guess karma is not a bad thing at all.

Season 3 – Final Totals per pound at the end of Episode 6/Alaskan King Crab Season

Cornelia Marie – 400,00 pounds

Wizard – 385,00 pounds

Northwestern – 334,500 pounds

Farwest Leader – 250,000 pounds

Time Bandit – 133,000 pounds

Maverick – 97,000 pounds (rookie captain Blake Painter)

In Kodiak, the offloading of the Maverick brings surprising results.  Arecount of the offloaded crab identifies that some poor arithmatic by either Blake or the crew occurred.  The Maverick is nearly 4,000 pounds short.  Wow!  Remember the rail dumping of crab by Blake and the crew earlier?  Well it wasn’t the smartest move because it’ll cost them $20,000…ouch!  I hate to be him!  Each crew member will suffer a $1500 pay cut.  Blake will have to wait until next year for redemption.

Season 3 Final Money Totals at the end of Episode 6/Alaskan King Crab Season

Cornelia Marie – $750,00 which comes out to $35,000 per deckhand

Wizard – $1,370,000 which comes out to $37,000 per deckhand

Northwestern – $1,300,000 which comes out to $38,000 per deckhand

Farwest Leader – $1,000,000 which comes out to $37,000 per deckhand

Time Bandit – $500,000 which comes out to $32,000 per deckhand

Maverick – $385,000 which comes out to $20,000 per deckhand

Next Up is the Opilio Crab Season.  January in the Berring Sea…this should be interesting.  See you next week!


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