2007 Summer Movies – “Blockbusters” Part 3

Welcome to the last part of my series on 2007 summer “Blockbuster” movies.   I have hope everyone has enjoyed my previous blogs on this year’s movies — 2007 Summer Movies Preview – Part 2 & 2007 Summer Movie “Blockbusters.”  

Overall I have covered which movies have the potential to be the “Mega-Blockbusters” and those films that have the potential to be “Blockbusters.”  This time I will cover the sleepers for this movie season.  These movies might get overshadowed by the big dogs, but could very well be thrust into the limelight if they make an impression on the audiences.  So as always, get comfortable, get your snacks ready, and enjoy the show!  Oh yeah, don’t forget to pass the popcorn!

Lucky YouLucky You

Father (Robert Duvall) must help his talented poker player son (Eric Bana) must overcome his own demons to triumph at his ultimate goal — to win the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.  Along the journey, they join forces with a struggling singer (Drew Barrymore).  Will these trio fold or be holding all aces at the end of the tournament?  Check it, it opens May 4th.

28-Weeks28 Weeks Later

A global virus wrecks havoc on London and wipes out most of the population.   In order to save what is left of London, the U.S. Military attempts a project of rebuilding and re-population.  However, the virus is quite active.  This is sequel to 28 days Later.  Can humanity find a answer to this zombie virus? Opens May 11th.


This controversial movie that depicts horrific images of torture on billboards in L.A. is about a model (Elisha Cuthbert)and chauffeur (Daniel Gillies) who are abducted by serial killer.  As their ordeal escalates, these two unlikely companions fall in love and turn to each other for strength to escape their “captivity.”  Opens May 18th.

Knocked-UpKnocked Up

Seth Rogen and Grey’s Anatonmy’s Katherine Heigl star in a comedy about a one-night stand in which the young lady becomes pregnant.  If you liked the 40-Year-Old Virgin, the same directer Judd Apatow is directing this one.  Opens June 1st.

You Kill MeYou Kill Me

This quirky mob movie stars Ben Kingsley as a former hit man who decided to go straight by getting a job at a mortuary.  While at the mortuary, he meets a woman who happens to be a relative of one of his previous hits.  Dennis Faria stars as the Mob boss.  Opens June 27th.

Rescue DawnRescue Dawn

This true story is based on an American pilot, Christian Bale, who is shot down over Laos during the Vietnam War.  While a POW, Bale plans a daring escapes from his brutal captors.  Opens July 4th.


Another movie based off a Stephen King novel.  This film stars John Cusack as a writer who pens supernatural stories.  During his travels he checks into a hotel room with an unusual past at the fame Dolphin Hotel.  Now fiction becomes reality for this writer.  Opens July 13th.

Chuck & LarryI now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

 This buddy comedy stars Kevin James (King of Queens) and Adam Sandler as two heterosexual firemen who use the ruse of being gay to receive a wealth of department health benefits.  Opens July 20th.


A plan by four geeks to steal the unreleased Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace from Skywalker Ranch so their terminal ill friend can see it before he dies.  Staring Kristen Bell with cameos by Carrie Fisher and William Shatner to name a few.  Opens August 17th.

Balls of FuryBalls of Fury

This comedy is about a former ping-pong champ who is solicited by the government to infiltrate the underground, unsanctioned world of Ping-Pong tournaments to help bring down this empire.  This flick stars George Lopez and Christopher Walken.  Opens August 31st.


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