Is XP making a comeback?

On 4/19/2007 a surprising announcement was made by one of the leading computer makers in the world – XP would be Dell XP Laptopoffered again on selected Dell models for home and business systems.  Boy, what a reversal of fortunes.  Once Vista hit the market earlier this year, all computer makers switched to the new operating systems for all new computers.

So, what’s up?  Why the switch only four months after the roll out of the latest, greatest from Microevil…ops I mean Microsoft?  Per Dell, they received thousands requests through their Ideas in Action page (customer feedback vehicle) for the option to have a choice of operating systems on new computers.  From a consumer viewpoint, it portrays a message that the public and possibly the manufacturers are not enamored with all the new bells and whistles that Visa provides. 

From all the hype that Microsoft flooded us with about Vista, these new developments by Dell are not good.  I think that Richard Shim a IDC analyst makes a good point about Vista, “That there is remaining demand from some segment of (the) consumer market points to the inability of Vista to resonate with consumers.”  What a true statement. 

For instance, I have an eight-month-old Dell laptop.  When I performed a Vista diagnostics on this “Windows Vista Capable” laptop I found that I would need to upgrade my BIOS and that most of the drivers to my sound card, video card, etc. might not work with Vista.  How can this be!!!!  This brand new machine has the stupid sticker on it stating it’s “Windows Vista Capable,” but in reality it’s not.  What a bunch of hog wash!  No wonder that the public does not embrace this new product.  The great majority of machines in our offices and homes are just plain incompatible — mainly due to hardware and memory issues.

Vista is a good example of a new product hitting the market that might be superior to product it is replacing, but residual cost are too great for the consumer to switch.  Let’s hope that Microsoft learns from this experience and steals a page from Apple in creating an OS that is not only bug free, but has limited impact on the customer’s pocket book.


2 responses to “Is XP making a comeback?

  1. I too am not a lover of the new Microsoft offering, we have several PC’s in the office and one Mac; I have to say the Vista machine is the biggest pain.
    The hardware is more than up to the job (Duo 6400 / 3GB RAM) but, as stated in this article, it’s the driver support… woeful.

    In the past, each new Microsoft OS seemed to offer better driver support not worse; I remember first installing XP and everything worked first time, no messing about, I was impressed.

    With the new Ubtunu OS and the ability to get online, listen to music, play games without a Microsoft logo insight, ala PS3, will Microsoft lose its might grip in the years to come?

    Nice article, thanks for sharing your thoughts, promptly DUGG.

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