Paradise “Lost” or murder capital?

LostThe countdown is on for Lost — four more episodes before the two-part season finale and 5 more deaths.  Yes, that is correct.  There will be 5 more deaths on the island before the end of the season. 

One can only hope the Charlie is one of the five that bites the big one.  His death or even departure is way overdue for this fan. 

How can the show have five more deaths?  I can’t believe the population on the island was that enormous to begin with.  So, let’s take a look.

In the past three years we have seen following die: Mr. Eko, Marshall Mars, Leslie Arzt, Colleen, Shannon, Boone, Ethan, Ana-Lucia, Libby, and 14 other deaths.  When the plan crashed the known population on the island was around 75 people.  Interesting. 

If you compare the known population to the 23 dead to this point, well you can see the death per-capita is extraordinary high.  The murder statistics on the island is horrifying, worst than anything here in the States, even worst than Richmond.  At this rate, when the show ends my guess is that there will be either no one left or just a handful of survivors.  I guess that is one way to end a series.  Then again this island is sure no Club-Med!  Vacation at your own risk!  


2 responses to “Paradise “Lost” or murder capital?

  1. Interesting theory
    If you see the end of season three youll know that Charlie does die (boo) twelve others die Locke dies but comes back to life Naomi dies and Jack plans to kill Ben
    no one else should die because if you see the flashfoward it shows that the survivors have been rescued but sadly want to go back and cant
    oh and im preaty sure in the flash foward that sawyer dies he is the one in the coffen

  2. hi im your big fan !! i love all the charecters !! but i love more kate,jack,sun,james and claire!! keep it up for all your job its really fantastic xxxxx (seeing the episodes)

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