The Hulk Lives!!!!

Grey HulkYes, the Hulk is back on the silver screen but a little bit different than we last left him.  Eric Bana is out and Ed Norton is in to fill the roll of Dr. Bruce Banner aka The Hulk.  The second installment of the Hulk will be a bit different from the Ang Lee’s 2003 version.   Okay where do I start?

From an interview done recently with the CEO of Marvel Studios Avi Arad, the public was able to gain a bit of insight on the new version of the Hulk.  I guess this interview is the best place to start. 

The Hulk will be looking a bit a different – Grey.  Yes, Grey.  The Grey Hulk goes back to the first issue of the Hulk that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby wrote in 1962.  Also to the 2004 mini-series comic written by Jeb Loeb (Lost & Heroes fame) and artist Tim Sale which picks the story up right after Bruce Banner turned into the Hulk by his Gama ray accident.  Of all the Hulk comics over the years since Lee & Kirby retired, Loeb/Sale captured the essence of not only the Hulk but Bruce Banner. 

Along with the color difference, this version of the Hulk contain a new size, new attitude, and a love story.  Yes a love story with a heroic twist.  This Hulk will not only pay homage to Lee/Kirby version but will also be influenced by the Hulk tv show of ‘70s that starred the late Bill Bixby.  This Hulk will not only show brute force, strength, and determination, but will be shown with human qualities that were missing from the 2003 movie.

Release date for Hulk 2 or the Incredible Hulk is slated for June 13, 2008. 


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