Deadlest Catch – Episode 3 results

Cornelia MarieThe race is on for catching the most crab for this season on the Deadliest Catch.  As we saw in the first episode, a wager has been made among the crab boat captains on who will catch the most crab by the end of the fishing season.  Each captain anted up $100 with a total pot of $900 on the line.  The rookie captain Blake Painter of the Maverick has made it his mission to be the top dog at the end of the season and take the pot for him and his crew. 

This week’s episode 3 brought on a surprise for the fleet as they searched for that elusive treasure called Alaskan King crab.

As noted earlier, crabbing is one of the most dangerous jobs man can do.  The season is no different.  Already one boat from the fleet has been lost, along with a few hands.  If that lost of life wasn’t enough, Lenny Lakanoff, a full share deckhand on the Wizard, experienced an accident while retrieving pots.  Lenny cut his finger severely enough to causethe Wizard to return to shore for immediate medical treatment.  Despite a good haul, the return to shore prevented the Wizard from capturing the lead.  Below is this week’s crab total.  See you all next week!

Season 3 Crab Top Totals at the end of Episode 3

Corelia Marie – 130,000 pounds

Wizard – 110,000 pounds

Farwest Leader – 56,000 pounds

Northwestern – 33,000 pounds

Maverick – 29,000 pounds (rookie captain Blake Painter)


3 responses to “Deadlest Catch – Episode 3 results

  1. What do they do with the body of the crab? Do they just use the legs? Who won the $900 in the last episode? who made the most money. I missed the last half hour of the show.

  2. Chris Amistoso

    How many pounds short was Blake on the Maverick from this season.

  3. Pat,

    I am not 100% sure, but a co-worker and I were talking about this last week. We think that the body of the crab gets processed and packaged in the cans of crab we see next to the tuna on our grocery store shelves. I am still reaching it…to confirm our assumption.

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