What happen to equal treatment in the media?

D.A. mikeNifongLast week two important events in the media occurred.  The first was the controversial comments by and the ultimate firing of Don Imus after his long overdue apology/meeting with the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team.  The second event occurred on April 11 at the press conference held by North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper to announced that all chargers against Reade Silegmann, David Evans, and Collin Finnerty would be dropped and announcing these three men were innocent for the rape, kidnapping and sexual assault of an adult dancer that occurred just about a year ago.

What I am finding a bit disturbing is the media’s fixation on the snowball events of the Don Imus meltdown, which adverted the nation’s attention from the declaration of innocence that Attorney General Cooper articulated at the press conference.  Over the last year, these three men have had their lives turned upside down due to false allegations from a fraudulant District Attorney Mike Nifong.  What did these three guys gain from this experience besides their declared innocence from the state of North Carolina?  Hmm, let me think — thrown out of school, belittled by media and national leaders, and reputations destroyed.  Not to mention to the 3 million dollars plus in legal fees their families have had to pay in order to fight the corrupt D.A. Mike Nifong.  As the Master Card commercial would say — “Priceless.”

So, where is the media storm about how an elected official not only conducted fraud by withholding evidence but also lied in court causing these young men to experience 395 days of hell?  Shouldn’t the media find this D.A. just as guilty in the court of public opinion as they did Imus?  I find it utterly amazing that in the media’s eyes a person is guilty before they are found innocence which is completely backward from what our Judicial System is founded on.  If you need more examples, please look at the beating in the media that Floyd Landis is receiving even before he has had his hearing on doping charges.  I guess the media has a double standard.  Their standard an everyone else’s!



3 responses to “What happen to equal treatment in the media?

  1. I completely agree. I didn’t see Oprah invite the boys from Duke on her show. I don’t see Hillary going down to visit them!

  2. E. A. Knobelspiesse

    Where are the apologies from the paragons of American social justice–namely, Revs. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton? They were quick to condemn; perhaps, they will pick up the players’ legal fees? Sorry, I forgot there is no race card to be played by the good Revs. in the “completely innocent” finding–therefore, on to the Imus incident for Rev. Jackson and Sharpton!

  3. E. A. Knobelspiesse

    Why, afraid of the truth?

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