Trees Contribute to Global Warming, Who Knew?

Global WarmingI ran across an interesting article on last week about the how Snowy Forrest increase global warming.  Yes, your read my sentence correctly, forest now contribute to global warming.   How can this be?  Aren’t tress supposed to be our friend and provide a good source of oxygen to our planet?  Yeah, that is what I thought, but apparently only at the or near the equator.  Let me explain.

Per a report from U.S. journal Preceding of the National Academy of Sciences that pine forest in the northern hemisphere (Canada, Alaska, Northern Europe, and Russia) might add to global warming.  I cannot believe this!  Basically the most efficient way to cool the earth while cleaning the air of those bad carbon dioxide chemicals is only done by tropical forests at or around the Earth’s equator. 

This study has also concluded that planting trees in cooler areas does not help cool the planet instead it “cancels or exceeds” the gains the tropical forest produce in this area.   The reason for this conclusion is that trees in snowy areas help store sunlight that is reflected by the snow thereby creating heat.  This effect provides additional ammunition that clear cutting tropical rain forest are bad to the over all health of our plant.

Okay, now we have it.  Trees in the south good, trees in the north bad.  I guess this means that we can now allow the forest industry full access to all trees they want in Alaska, Canada, Northern Europe and Russia without worrying about replanting what they cut down.  Boy, this could save millions off their bottom line.  Heck, even some computer models suggest this tree genocide in the north is the best route to go. 

I’m still having a bit of hard time swallowing this study.  I guess the next study that is released on global warming is going to tell us that fossil fuels are okay. 


4 responses to “Trees Contribute to Global Warming, Who Knew?

  1. A great article by NASA confirms how trees contribute to (cough) “global warming”

  2. sherin majeed

    its very interesting
    untill now i believed that trees are only our frnd
    .thanks yaar
    u dont know how u help me in my debate

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