Deadliest Catch Back for Season Three

Sig, Phil, and a host of new crab captains are back for Season Three of the Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel.  The long wait is finally over!  Of the reality shows that are currently on TV, this one seems to capture my The 2007 Crew of the Northwesternattention week in and week out.  I guess it because its a true test of man against nature in one of the most unforgiving areas of the world or it could be the astonishing amount of profit these guys make in less than three weeks. 

In case you are not up to speed on what the Deadliest Catch is about, allow me to fill you in.  This series is a reality-based show that begins at the start of Alaskan King Crab season in Alaska on the Bering Sea.  The show follows the crews of eight crab boats as they battle the elements and each other in one of the most treacherous, prosperous jobs on the face of this planet.  Through this show, we experience what life is like working, living, sleeping, and eating on a crab boat while being battered by the sea, high winds, rain/snow, ice, and the occasional rouge wave.  The show focuses not only on life at sea, but on the dangers of sea too, which includes tragedy — even death.  Returning this season are the boats Cornelia Marie, Northwestern, Maverick and Time Bandit along with newcomers, Farwest Leader, Aleutian Ballad, Wizard and Early Dawn.

Map of the Alaskan Crab GroundsThis show has been described as the “last frontier” or the modern version of the “wild west.”  Whatever the description you prefer to use, you cannot escape the rawness of the show and the adrenaline these captains and crews area oozing as they work 21-hour plus days against everything that Mother Nature can throw at them.  This show is the true test of man vs. nature and man vs. himself.  Is it the life/death these crews face that draw the viewers in, the test of man vs. nature, the profit at the end of the season, or is it that we like a good adventure story full of excitement?  Whatever it is, Deadliest Catch is as addictive as the delicious crab legs we like to eat with a cold beer and the warm, golden butter that comes with it.  If there was any show on TV that is all man, this one is it.

I hope to bring you a bit of updates on each week’s episode and the latest crab totals.  So stay tune and enjoy the adventures of these brave men.

Season 3 Crab Top Totals at the end of Episode 2

Corelia Marie – 80,ooo pounds

Wizard –  51,000 pounds

Farwest Leader – 42,000 pounds

Maverick – 16,900 pounds

Northwestern – 15,300 pounds 


10 responses to “Deadliest Catch Back for Season Three

  1. What a coincidence, I do weekly updates on the show as well, LOL! I guess the more the merrier!

  2. Wow, cool! Glad to see there are other fans of this great show!

  3. Janice Cormier

    I never miss this show, not even the re-runs!! It’s a great show and I would love to be a cook for Sig or Phil on their boats. I know Sig is a Norweegan but I am a pure cajun and a good hot bowl of cajun gumbo would go well on those cold days with lots of smoked sausage from south Louisiana. So, Sig or Phil if you want some good cooking , let me know! You all keep up the good work and stay safe out there.

  4. W/out a doubt the best reality show on tv. One of the very few shows I make sure to DVR. Hubby thinks I’m crazy, I think it’s totally fun and am in awe of the jobs these crabmen do.

  5. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  6. I dont know if its safe to have farrell cats on the boats. Do the cats like the crab?

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  8. sig of the northwestern is the besttttt

    watching the show from the netherlands

    absolute a northwestern fan

  9. Rudy, I am glad to hear that show is a hit in the Netherlands. I would have to agree with you, Sig rocks! The best captain in the fleet and my favorite too.

  10. i like the northweste and i have wachet all the sesens

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