Lost – Update for the rest of the remaining season

For you fans of Lost, I just read that Lost will be taking a different approachLost for Episode 19.  As the viewers of Lost, we have all become accustomed to the traditional “flashback” story technique to provide insight on one particular character — a castaways or now one of the Others. 

However, for just one episode (19th) this season, the traditional “flashback” technique will not be used.  Instead, the viewers will see a complete hour that will focus on one of mysteries from Season One.  Which mystery has not been released?  My guess is that it’ll be about Ol’ Smokey.

The rest of the remaining episodes for the season will return to the normal format.  Here are the remaining “flashback” episodes that TVGuide.com has published.

• No. 17: Desmond
• No. 18: Jin and Sun
• No. 19: Non traditional flashback time
• No. 20: Benjamin
• No. 21: Charlie
• And the two-part season finale: Jack, natch


2 responses to “Lost – Update for the rest of the remaining season

  1. I have heard that this series has a set plot line and a set end. This would make it more of a major-mini-series (is that even possible?) than the traditional series that goes on and on with no end date until it jumps-the-shark and gets cancelled. Is this true?

  2. Catalina,

    I would agree, that Lost is not your traditional series, your take that it is a “major-mini-series” is dead on. I understand that is how J.J. Adams and his crew are writing it. I also view this show simular to stage play. Each season is a differant act heading to a climax and a finale.

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