2007 Summer Movies Preview – Part 2

Okay sports fans,  this post is part two to my 2007 Summer Movie “Blockbusters” blog I did a month or so ago.  This time I am going to cover movies that might not be the “Blockbusters” the hype machine we call Hollywood would like us to believe, but these are movies that very well could have the potential to hit one out of the park or a nice triple at the warning track.  So get your coke, open a new box of Milk Duds, sit back, and roll the film – Action!

Mr. BrooksMr Brooks 

Kevin Costner stars in this thriller as Earl Brooks a white collar work, who is husband, father, philanthropist and has a dark secret that his family has no idea of — he is a serial killer.  This thriller follows the footsteps of Mr. Brooks as he is chased by detective Tracy Atwood after he was caught on film by an amateur photographer who uses this opportunity to manipulate the situation.  How will this end?  Opens June 1st.

Ocean's 13Ocean’s 13

The gang is back for the third caper and they are back in Vegas – baby!  Instead of cash, the crew is now after diamonds and revenge against a casino owner played by Al Pacino. 

Opens June 8th.


ZomCon was created after the war between the living and the dead to domesticate the zombies into servants, blue collar workers, garbage men, etc (similar to the movie I-Robot).  Things goes a bit odd when a boy name Timmy receives a zombie who he names Fido and ends up eating his next door neighbor.  Timmy struggles to do what he can to keep his friend…I mean Zombie from being destroyed.  Opens June 15th.


A 12-year-old boy falls into the violent center of a war between two werewolves groups.  One of the groups of werewolves has sworn to protect the lad, while the other group is out for blood.  Why is the boy at the center of this war? 

Opens July 27th.

The Bourne UltimatumThe Bourne Ultimatum

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is back!  This time Jason’s mission is to find out about his past while dodging the same people who created him, basically start back at the beginning.  This worldwide adventure takes us from the steps of Moscow to mean streets of New York and and everything in between.  A roller coaster ride from start to finish.  Opens August 3rd.

The Invasion (the Visting)The Invasion (The Visiting)

Nicole Kidman stars in this story about an unknown epidemic that affects human behavior.  Is this epidemic natural, a weapon made by man or…extraterrestrial? 

Opens August 17th.

The Last LegionThe Last Legion

During the final days of the Roman Empire, Romulus Augustus embarks on a daring trip to Britannia (Britain) to find supporters to form the last Legion of Rome. 

Opens August 24th.

Revenge of the Nerds(2007)Revenge of the Nerds (2007)

The Nerds are back!!!  This remake of the 80s classic has a new modern take.  Then again, how much modern take can you have on Nerds?!  Adams College is the back drop of this over-the-top comedy about Nerds going from zero to heroes.   Opens August 24th.

Don’t forget to pass the popcorn!


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