Batman: The Dark Knight – news

Since the rebirth of Batman by Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan in 2005, I have been waiting with bated breath for the next installment in this series.  In 2008, the next chapter of Batman lore will hit the silver screen – Batman: The Dark Knight. Batman Begins

The sequel will pit the Dark Knight against one of the most dynamic, diabolical villains in the DC Comic universe – The Joker who will be played by Heath Ledger.  Along with the Joker, the appearance will be made by Harvey Dent (aka Two Face).  As of right now, it is not know yet how much screen time Two Face will have.  Along with Bale, Morgan Freeman, Sir Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman will be reprising their roles from the first film.  However, Katie “Tomcat” Holmes will not be returning.  Her character Rachel Dawes will now be portrayed by Maggie Gyllenhall

From what I hear, the story will be based losely on the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel by Frank Miller.  Also, floating around is possibility of the casting of an additioal villian, Harley Quinn.  I’ve heard that Quinn’s role will either be that of a vengeful wife of the Joker or a psychologist who turned mad. 

Michelle GellarRecently it has been reported by Jeff Giles at Rotten that Sarah Michele Gellar will be handling the role of Harley Quinn.  At this time, this casting is all unconfirmed, but if it is true then this will be one rocking sequel!!   

For you Batman fix – the new trailer for The Dark Knight.

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16 responses to “Batman: The Dark Knight – news

  1. Sarah Michele Gellar better not accept the role. It’ll be the first time Harley Quinn is on the silver screen and she will screw it up. She isn’t hyper enough or pretty enough to play her. If they want to hire a 3rd rate actress like Gellar they should go for Cameron Diaz

  2. Shes perfect, her figure matches the jokers sidekick too much, Diaz, the actress who plays buffy the vampire will be their best harley quinn, the only doubt i have is her acting skills, i’m not sure whether or not she ll be any good, harley is as twisted as the joker so hopefully Sarah Michele Gellar will try her best.

  3. Gellar is great but not as harley Quinn (yuck, awful) I can’t even begin to imsagine such an awful mistake. I’d ratehr see Bee Aruther as Harley Quinn

  4. Rachel McAdams is the PERFECT HARLEY QUINN. She is a talented actress and has the PERFECT JOKER SMILE.

  5. Stacy you don’t have a bad piont. I can see Rachel doing a good as Harley. Great suggestion.

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  7. I am a huge hq fan and the only person I would want to play her is brittney murphy. only actress i could see playin the part with enough energy.

  8. Please do not let Sarah “no talent” Gellar play someone as important as HARLEY QUINN!!!
    You have got to be kidding me!!

  9. harley gal (kelly miles)

    i now why don’t i play harley quinn i am an actress and i am as hyper and lovable and sweet as her plus i am good at stage combat.ha ha ha ha “i love you mr j”

  10. No one is more perfect for the role than ASarah michelle Gellar! She’s a great actress, more than great 🙂
    Have U seen “cruel intentions”? It’s a (very cool) movie, where sarah michelle gellar play a girl (kathryn merteuil), and since this movie I’m certain, that she is enough talented and beauyt for the role of “Harley Quinn”

  11. Brittney Murphy would be a great HQ but even better would be Jenny Mcartney!!! Sarah M gellar has the look but I really dont see her acting psycotic and crazy

  12. Do you not remember Gellars role in Cruel Intentions as a devious step sister? She was as scheming and maniacle as the role of harley quinn should be and the bubbly personality shouldnt be a problem… it’s not hard to act hyper and happy. cameron diaz is too old for the part, but murphy would be an excellent choice.

  13. It looks like the Producers have decided to go with an unknow for Quinn- Sarah Jayne Dunn from the UK. I don’t know much about her, so hard to tell if she could be better than Gellar, Murphy or McAdams. I just hope she holds her own…

  14. Wildeth De la Galvez

    Please tell me it´s just a joke……Sarah Michele Gellar Harley Quinn????? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wildeth De la Galvez – dirictor Christphor Nolan is not confirming or rebutting that Quinn is the move much less who is playing her. However the credis for the move has an actress from the UK – Sarah Jayne Dunn listed for Quinn’s part.

  16. cameron diaz would be perfect if she was younger.. and sarah michelle geller is too mean looking and the other ones suggested look too pornstar ish. even though the films may be more gritty she will probably some of the happy bubbly qualities. marykate or ashley olsten might be good! although i doubt their abilities to shout angrily lmao. so either cameron diaz, amanda seyfried or marykate olsen im hoping:}

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