Caffeine – our best friend

I stumbled across an interesting article today – 9 Top Caffeine Fixes.  How approperiate that I found this article as I was sipping my second cup of coffee of the day.  What surprised me is that now the medical community is stating that caffeine taken in moderate doses can be good for you overall health, similar to the past findings that glass red wine, dark chocolate, and olive oil also provide good health benefits. Coffee

Some of the benefits that caffeine can provide is increased alertness, short-term memory, 40% lower risk of developing gallstones in men, lower risk of developing Parkeinson’s disease, 25% lower risk of colon cancer, and even relief for asthma symptoms.

However, like anything we take, too much of it can be detrimental.  For instance, too much caffeine can cause nervousness, jitters, insomnia, increase heart rate, and possible links to rheumatoid arthritis.  I guess you could also include that pesky withdrawal sympton – migraine headaches.

Here are a few of our favorite drinks and their caffeine content from Beauty Eats by Real Age.  Drink up and and enjoy!

 DIET COKE            Everybody’s default diet drink

WATER JOE           For the purist: plain H2O with a jolt
THE CAFFEINE FIX   60 mg 16.9-ounce bottle

RED BULL              The energy drink that started it all
THE CAFFEINE FIX   80 mg per 8-ounce can
TAB ENERGY          A revved-up version of old Tab cola
THE CAFFEINE FIX   95 mg per 10.5-ounce can

       Candy with more zip than a cup of joe
THE CAFFEINE FIX  150 mg per piece

FUSION ENERGY   7/Eleven’s new-ish “functional” brew
THE CAFFEINE FIX  250 mg per 12-ounce cup

STARBUCKS          Coffee, just coffee
THE CAFFEINE FIX  280 or so per 12-ounce cup

SPIKE SHOOTER    Heavy-hitter energy drink
THE CAFFEINE FIX  300 mg per 8.4-ounce can


2 responses to “Caffeine – our best friend

  1. hi . ya ,i definately am addicted to caffeine . my top three sources of caffeine would definately be coffe , monsters, and the new energy drink cocaine .

  2. You didn’t add that the caffeine is addicting. But it is definitely a “drug of my choice”!
    To add to the “pro’s” of your comment, caffeine is good for asthma. My daughter Alice was having an asthma attack on a camping trip once, and as chances would predict, she forgot her inhaler. We were miles from any drug store, but if I felt conditions were life threatening, we would have had an ambulance there, some how, some way. But the cool, damp night air was aggravating her breathing, causing her to “wheez”. I had read an article that caffeine was good for asthma, but it is slower acting than the prescribed medication. Alice isn’t and never has been a coffee drinker, but I gave her coffee to drink, in fact I had her drink a couple cups of coffee. Within an hour or two she was breathing quite normally. The caffeine she drank had enough effect to settle down her asthma for the entire evening.
    I’ll admit I enjoy a good cup of coffee with the caffeine fix, but my heart doesn’t like it too much and rebels. So now I have to take smaller doses of the caffeine, but I can still enjoy the coffee in larger doses, by drinking decaf.
    Oh wells, gotta do, what I gotta do.
    Thanks for the insightful article on my “drug of choice”.

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