On the American Idol Bandwagon

Okay, it is a sad day in my life, I have been fully assimilated into that collective juggernaut called American Idol.  Yes, you heard me correctly, American Idol

As I wrote earlier in my blog , my wife and I had found American Idol to be a guilty pleasure, but now I find that we are more involved with the show than ever before.  Each Tuesday night we make a point to get the kids down to sleep as soon as possible so we can enjoy the different music styles from the remaining contestants while being are own judges.  Did I mention that the kids are exceptionally hard to get down on Tuesdays because they are always singing and dancing to the tunes?

My wife and I have turned into the armchair version of Randy, Paula, and Simon…”hear me Dog.”  We judge theAmerican Idol Judges contestant music choices.  We listen closely if they are on beat or missing any of the lyrics.  We even look at their choice of attire.  What I have found fascinating about our transformation into Idol fans is how we are now not only judging the contestants, but we are also rooting for our own favorites like Melinda, Jordan, and LaKisha

In the same breath we are also utterly amazed how the boy/girl Sanjaya keeps staying alive week after week after week.  I now agree with Simon, Sanjaya is in league all by himself.  What that league is, is anyone’s guess.  As we move farther down the tracks with American Idol, I starting to realize that no matter what constructive criticism that is dealt by the judges, it is the American voters that is driving this train.  

I guess the voting by the public is what makes the show so unpredictable,.  We never know who is going to be voted off each week, especially when the most logical choice is continually overlooked,.  Can you say Sanjaya?

 As this American Idol train continues to chug down than the tracks of ratings bliss, my wife and I are happy to have purchased our ticket for this ride of pure guilty delight.  Let’s all hope that the boy/girl Sanjaya does not derail this train any time soon.

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One response to “On the American Idol Bandwagon

  1. well , i must say , i do love american idol . this season i love sanjaya . and i really like blake =]

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