What is up with Heroes – Linderman’s Powers Exposed.

If any of you are like me, the time off between chapters for Heroes has been excruciating.  I guess I’m spoiled by the complete run of 24 and the 16 straight episodes of Lost.  Come to think of it, isn’t that the way every serial should be shown on TV?  As we wait for Heroes to start again we all are wondering what will the upcoming episodes contain– especially the season finale. Heroes

Then I guess you have come to the right place.  After searching the web over the course of the last few days, I have stumbled across some spoilers that I hope will satisfy everyone as we wait for the final chapters of Season 1 to start on April 23rd.

Let the games begin!  Malcom McDowell (Linderman) will be in at least three episodes as we head to the finale.  Along the way, viewers will discover he has powers.  The pages of TV Guide.com recently alluded that Linderman’s powers could be the ability to heal and raise the dead, like Chirst.  With his powers came member with a JLA-like organization.  But Linderman saw the dissolution of this group as members started using their powers for personal gain. 

Petrelli and LindermanWe already know that Linderman is pulling the strings for Nathan Petrelli to get into office, but not just a Congressional seat, but the one in the Oval Office.  We also find out that Linderman is behind the nuclear meltdown of New York City.  Yes, you heard me correctly, the meltdown.  Why?  Supposedly Linderman is counting on the meltdown to cause a bit of social choas and enough fear that he can use it as a tool to bring the nation together under a new leader – Petrelli. 

In the April 23rd installment, we will lose another of our beloved characters, a hero.  Heroes Revealed reports that the death is a series regular and his/her power will reside in Sylar.  In the season finale all the characters will rendezvous in New York City where at least one more death will occur. 

The finale will be stretch acrossed the last three episodes of the season and will introduce us to three new heroes (possibly).  As reported all year long, this storyline will be tied up by the season’s end, as will our relationship with the characters we love and hate.  

I am not saying they all die, but next season will introduce us to new heroes and a new story called Volume Two: Generations (Season Two).  From what I hear, Volume Two will cover the blood lines (family trees) of the heroes we met this year.

Let’s hope that the 3rd and final chapter is just as good as the previous two.


2 responses to “What is up with Heroes – Linderman’s Powers Exposed.

  1. when will heroes be starting back again?

  2. Caitriona – not until the stike is over. NBC has already aired all the shows that were produced prior to the WAG strike.

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