Cowboy Senator

“Hey honey, guess what happen to me on the way to work yesterday?  I got caught carrying my boss’s gun into the Senate office building.” 

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA)That conversation is what I image Phillip Thompson said to his significant other after being arrested on Monday, March 27 when he tried to enter a U.S. Senate office building while concealing a registered hand gun with two loaded clips that belongs to Virginia freshman Senator Jim Webb. 

First I’d like to say that I fully support and believe in the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and the concealed weapons law here in Virginia.  However, could someone please tell me why in the heck does a Senator need a concealed handgun at the Capitol when you have the U.S. Capitol Police, U.S. Park Police, FBI, Secret Service, and DC Metro Police all within a block or less?  Not to mention the proximity of the Army at Fort Meyers and the Marines at Quantico. 

HandgunHere is a thought, maybe Sen. Webb is going to pull that hand gun out and shoot the next Republican on the Senate floor who disagrees with his views on Iraq or the redistribution of wealth plan?  If that’s the case, the gun is more for his protection so he doen’t have to redistribute his own wealth.  That might be it! 

Wait a minute, how ’bout this?  Maybe he thinks the Senate Floor is the OK Coral and he is literally Wyatt Earp and the Republicans are the Clantons/McLaurys?  Then again, did he really think no one would notice that Phillip Thompson is carrying a weapon? 

Wow, for years they call our dear Senator Allen the cowboy from Virginia, but I am thinking Senator Webb should take that mantle now.  Let’s hope Senator Webb learns that hitting the bullseye is more important in the Senate than on firing rang.


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