Is TV saturated with drug commercials?

Prescription DrugsHere I am sitting down to watch a bit of the telly and withinthe first hour of the program that I am watching, the wife and I are harassed by an inordinate amount of drug commercials.  I am not talking about the simple over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol or Advil, but hardcore pharmaceutical-grade prescription drugs (in certain circles of our society, the good stuff). 

Everyone out there know what I am talking about?  Right, you’ve seen the Flonase Bee or the older gentleman talking about how the quality of his sex life has improved with a little blue pill?  If not, maybe these names ring a bell – Vioxx, Levitra, Nexium, Detrol, Procrit, Ambien, Cialis,Viagra, etc.  

The drug industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  I guess I would like to know why they are hocking their products like candy on TV.  Do companies like Pfizer and Merck really need to advertise on TV?  Aren’t they making making enough money and satisfying their stockholders?  Do these companies really expect the average Joe to say “yeah, that drug sounds wonderful, let me call my doctor and get a bottle or two.” 

Come on, when did the average Joe become medical doctors.  Was that an extracurricular course in high school that I missed?  I can just image the doctor’s face when Mr. Average Joe strolls into his office for an appointment requesting one of these drugs before the exam has even started.  You can see the doctors jaw hit the floor and the realization in his/her eyes that eight years of medical school along with $100,000 of tuition has now become worthless. 

So, instead of wasting million dollars on advertising to the average Joe about symptoms that I’d swear are so obscure that if I did not know better sound made up, focus the advertising dollars toward hospitals, doctors, health companies, and pharmacy.  If anything, it will be one less annoying commercial to pollute our air waves.  Also, it would take the practice of medicine out the average Joe’s hands and place it back into the hands of the professionals.


8 responses to “Is TV saturated with drug commercials?

  1. Cooper Campbell

    I could not agree more.

  2. my mom od so i know what it feels like to se ur parents taaking drugs!

  3. do i have your promission to use that picture for a school project?

  4. Sure, Chelsea.

  5. hi i really likes ur story…..DRUGS are ery commmon now days to everyone and i am very sad abt it…

  6. do i have permission to use that picture for school>?

  7. Sure Nikki. Please go ahead and use it.

  8. the aid that can be used to stop drug abuse in they whole nations of the world is still infintesimal in eyes, so mail me to stop illicit use of drugs

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