BSG Finale Explodes with Questions about the Final Five Cylons

BSG - CastWell BSG fans, it is official –
Tyrol, Tigh, Foster, and Anders are part of the Final Five Cylons.  Even though I blogged a few days ago with spoilers about who would be these Cylons, I still had a hard time believing that these four are part of the “Five,” especially Tigh and Anders. 


Frack, Tigh has a history in the Colonial Fleet for almost 40 years!  Anders ran the resistance on Caprica.  Along with their history, both men sacrificed so much in the name freedom from the oppressive Cylons:  Tigh –  an eye and his wife; Anders – his friends and his wife (Starbuck).  So I keeping asking myself if this for real?!?  I still can’t believe it and am finding this cliffhanger of all a hard one to swallow. 

Heck, doesn’t Tigh have a personal history with Adama?   Of all the people who could have assassinated Adama, the Cylons picked Sharon.  Why not Tigh?  He was XO and long-time confidant of Adama.  And Anders, why didn’t he deliver Starbuck back to the fertility clinic on Caprica on multiple occasions?  These questions are just a few that need to be solidly answered for me to believe these guys are Cylons. 


Okay, as I write this, something else came to me.  Chief Tyrol cannot be a Cylon either.  He has a child.  Yeah, he had a child with Cally.  Is that child half-Cylon and a second “Messiah?”  No, it couldn’t be, could it?  God having two children?   That does not follow the mythology of Earth’s Judeo-Christian religion.  Chief did have those dreams when he thought he was a Cylon.  Plus, he had extensive knowledge of the Eye of Jupiter.  If I look at those two events, yeah he could be a Cylon.  But, I keep coming back to the point that the Chief has a child.  That’s the question I need answered before I believe the Chief is in the “Five.”


Okay, one left – Foster.  I have no questions or arguments, she is a Cylon. 


As I look back at Sunday’s episode, I would have to say as a cliffhanger it ranks up there with the mother of all TV cliffhangers, “Who Shot J.R.?” 


So, now I’m on a quest to seek out answers to these and other questions from the finale.   In my search for answers; I stumbled across an interview with Ron Moore in the  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Rob Owen.  In this interview, Moore confirms the four we saw last night are truly Cylons and that more surprise are in place for Season Four.  So, I guess it is true and my quest is now done.  But no!  I need more. 



Are the writers going to deal with Chief baby?  Ron Moore states a convincing “yes.”  What about the fifth Cylon?  Is it Starbuck, the President or someone else entirely different?  Well, when Moore was asked this all he would say is “I think so.”  What kind of answer is that?  “I think so.”  Frak, Moore is killing me. 


I guess I will have to wait for next season for the answers to my questions and the main question on everyone’s mind – will the Fourth Season be it and will they find Earth?   All I will tell you is that Ron Moore on several occasions has stated that he will not end the series on a cliffhanger and plans on producing a satisfactory ending everyone will enjoy. 


However, he will not state yet if this is the end.  If I was betting man, I would say it would be.  With 22 episodes ordered and a movie to air before the beginning of the fourth season demonstrates to me that an enormous amount of network commitment to the show is being utilized in a short timeframe.  So it is coming to end.  Frak!!!  What theories do have about the Cylons?


4 responses to “BSG Finale Explodes with Questions about the Final Five Cylons

  1. Tigh has a long history with the colonial fleet … or he thinks he does anyway. Boomer thought she had parents once too. Adama has known him for a long time, probably in the 20-30 years region, but then we don’t know when the cylons first started making skin-jobs.

    As for why he and Anders didn’t shoot Adama, return Starbuck or any of those other things? The final 5 are different and have a different purpose from the 7 we knew about before. Not even those 7 know what that purpose is. Their cover was much deeper than even Boomer’s was. Doing any of those things would have blown their cover.

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  3. In your reference cliffhanger “who shot JR?”, that question did not have an answer at the time the last episode was shown on TV in it’s original season, not even the producers knew who would be blamed for shooting JR. It wasn’t decided until the next season who would be blamed for the shooting. With this in mind, maybe your program has not decided who will be who until next season!! But you showed good reasonable deductions. Now all you ahve to do is wait until next season ! ! ! NOw I’ve read your article, I may tune into this show to see what it’s all about. Thanks

  4. Ok, this is how it goes.

    The final 5 are a splinter group from the original 12.

    For some reason the final 5 went or were exiled to earth.

    This is my “theory”:
    Starbuck is a cylon. “But what, but how?” I hear you say?
    Starbuck went into the eye of the storm. Starbuck maybe a great pilot, but she was suicidal and she went in cause she was going nuts, nobody could survive it, so accept she is knackered, dead, history, unless……. unless she is a cylon, one of the final five and was resurrected on earth… hence how she found her way there!
    As for the other 4 hearing music, they are cylons too, however like starbuck, goodie cylons, the splinter group.

    Ok your next question is about but the XO etc all have history with adama etc….

    The facts:
    First war was 40 years ago.
    Adama know the XO before the first war

    The untruths:
    Adama knew the XO in the first war
    The XO was in the first war

    The maths:
    Give the Cylons 20 years to develop the new generation of cylons, presuming they hadn’t already started developing them in the first war.

    20 years to deploy there agents and build history’s

    Plenty of time.

    Anyone can be a cylon apart from Adama, Appllo, Roslyn and Baltar.

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