BBC signs the Doctor up for a fourth season

BBC announced this week that Dr. Who has been renewed for a fourth season.  Dr. Who?  Who is this Dr. Who?  Dr. Who is a modern version of the British cult favorite from the 70s with a new modern twist.

TardisBack in 2005, to add a bit of umph into its Friday night lineup when the Stargate season ended, the SciFi Channel brought over the British import Dr. Who staring David Eccleston as the Doctor for a season.  Eccleston left the series after just one season because he didn’t want to be typecast as the Doctor.  Eccleston now can be found as a recurring character on the NBC hit Heroes (I will talk more about Heroes soon enough). 

Season Two brought the viewers a new Doctor – David Tennant.  I had my reservations when Tennant took on the role of the good Doctor in the second season, but he not only made us believe that he was truly the Doctor, but he also made us forget that Eccleston even held the role before him.  Tennant, along with the assistance of his trusted sidekick Rose, played by Billie Piper, really took the series to the next level.  With the successful transition to Tennant from Eccleston, BBC gave the green light for a third season, which starts airing at the end of this month in the
U.K.  Unfortunately, those of us in the States won’t get to see Season 3 until the SciFi Channel airs it this fall. 

If that wasn’t good enough, BBC and the SciFi Channel have just announced that Dr. Who has been renewed for a fourth season, YEAH!  Season 4 will start in 2008.  Wow, how unusual for a show to get at fourth seasons when its third season has not even debuted yet.  This announcement just illustrates how successful the show is both in the
UK and the States.  Unfortunately, David Tennant has yet to sign up to continue the role of the Doctor after the third season is complete.  Hopefully, he will be back to fill shoes of such a great television character.

If you haven’t yet seen this good series with a side of campy, it is not too late to get on board the Tardis and take a trip through time.  Enjoy the ride.


4 responses to “BBC signs the Doctor up for a fourth season


  2. hi i love doctor who please please let him carry on untill 2010 as every one watches dw beacuse of him as well as that the show is brill
    (dt is soooooooooo cute) i wish i could meet him when im older
    and all my friends watch as well the whole school does. please keep david as the doctor for as long as you can PLEASE we love DAVID TENNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. CHRISTOPHER, not David, Eccleston was in my opinion the best Doctor, I wish he’d done at least one more series. Not too bothered if David Tennant signs up again, I was bored of him after one series, time for new blood methinks!

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