1984 or Animal Planet?

One of my goals with my blog is not to get too political, since politics in this day and age can really polarize the readers.  However, from time to time a story will cross my path on which I cannot resist commenting.  Well, this story is one of this that I cannot resist. Democratic Ass

Recently a video was posted on YouTube that is take off of the classic Apple Mac commercial from 1984 depicting Sen. Hillary Clinton as the totalitarian statesman giving the workers a speech.  During the speech a female athlete runs in and shatters the screen with a hammer and then the following message displays: “On January 14th the Democratic primary will begin.  And you will see why 2008 isn’t going to be like 1984.”  Followed by “BarackObama.com.”

Wow!  What a message about your own party member.  Not only did the Presidential race start early, but it looks like the Democrats are going to take no prisoners even among their own.  I have heard that certain animals eat their young but this stunt is ridiculous.  So I wonder, do the Democrats also eat their own?  Boy, I’ve heard the rumors of Obama and Clinton not liking each other, but this act is now taking it up another notch.  Boy, this race is going to be great theater over the next year or so!

The Republicans can just sit back and watch the Democrats tear each other apart! 


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