The Perfect Accessory for Every Beer Drinker – the Beer Launch

Beer LauncherIf you are like me, you like a good cold beer once in a while, but are normally too preoccupied (by the TV) to get up and get it.  Well, John Cornwell, an inventor, might have invented the answer to our prayers – a way to make the beer come to you.  (And who said that laziness isn’t the mother of all inventions?) 


Wow, that is what we all have thought from time to time.  With that simple question Mr. Cornwell begin a quest to answer it with an invention – the Beer Launch.  How does the Beer Launch work?  The Beer Launch, which can hold a case of can beer, pulls one can from the 10 in the magazine (the other 14 are in reserve) sitting in the refrigerator and puts it into a catapult mounted on top of the fridge.  The catapult then rotates until it is properly aligned with your hand and launches. 


Apparently targeting is still a little questionable, having pelted the head instead of hitting the beer drinking hand.  But
Cornwall assures that a little practice cures this problem.  Or he could have been hit one too many times and doesn’t notice anymore!


Still the thought of a cold frosty beverage without leaving my chair is an attractive one despite the risks.  If I could talk my wife into buying one for me for Father’s Day, I can stop training the twins to open the fridge and bring me a beer!  Cheers!


2 responses to “The Perfect Accessory for Every Beer Drinker – the Beer Launch

  1. I thought that job would have been filled by Duncan. Was that not one of Duncan’s skills he learned at school, to retrieve a beer for his master?
    I think the “spoon on the nose” was a great skill you taught the twins. They are definitely learning new skills in leaps and bounds.
    Then again there is always Haley, I know she would be eager to learn a new trick to please you.
    But I will admit if it wasn’t for the talented parents the twins have, they would not have exceled like they have in their young lives. So if teaching them to open the refrigerator and get you a beer is among their accomplishments, then so be it.
    Proud Grandma of the twins

  2. yo dude!, thats awsome, how can I get one?

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