Breaking Battlestar Galactica news regarding Season Four

Battlestar GlacticaNews just came out that the SciFi Channel has just order 22 episodes of Battlestar Galactica for the Season 4, nine more than originally planned.  With that many shows, I understand this upcoming season will be the final year of the series.  With Tricia Helfer signed to star in new pilot on Fox call Them and Katee Sachoff set to be in the new NBC series Bionic Women, the end of the series looks more like a reality.  Do not be too fracken sad just yet.  Executive Producer David Eick and Creator/Producer Ronald Moore are in the process of creating a prequel to BSG called Caprica, when it yet to be determined.  Also being talked about is a BSG movie to fill in between seasons three and four.  The season three finale airs March 25 and season for is not scheduled to air for at least a year.


Wow, 22 episodes that is spectacular.  However, I have a heavy heart that one of the most cleverly written dramas on television is about to end.  Like any die hard fan, I wish the series could go on forever.  But I guess all good things must come to an end.  As I mentioned above, I have hope that the BSG universe will continue in the form of the prequel Caprica.   I just hope that NBC/Universal (parent of SciFi Channel) is smart enough to give the new series the green light.  Good news is the movie is a go…Yeah.  It cannot get on the air soon enough. Well since season four will be the last season, I just hope they find the lost 13th Tribe and it goes out with a bang.


 If you would like a taste of what Season Four will bring, check out this promo and stay tune for more BSG news.  Enjoy!



2 responses to “Breaking Battlestar Galactica news regarding Season Four

  1. It won’t go on forever?!
    I watched this new series, initially, with skepticism. As campy as the original BSG was, it was a fun romp for its day. I was afraid the new series would be a cheap rip-off. And yes I was around to watch the original as a young adult.
    I found the seriousness and fantastic acting in the new BSG really set it apart, although it took a while for it to settle that Starbuck and Boomer we cast as women.
    I will be very sad to see it go, as this is the only running TV show I find worth recording, but the episodes I may have missed are all on iTunes so I can and have downloaded many of my favorites already.


  2. Mark,

    I had the same skepticism as you about BSG, Moore and the crew really won me over with the not only showing the action, but really playing into the human element that I think Star Trek failed to do so on a consistent basis. I hope you can catch up to this great series and enjoy the last season.

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