Battlestar Galactica revealed

Well, with the success of my movie blog several weeks ago, I thought I would do one on the TV shows that I watch with a passion.  Tonight I Battlestar Galacticawill start off with Battlestar Galactica (BSG).  Instead of providing a synopsis of what is going with each show, I have decided to the worst thing as possible.  Provide “earth shattering” spoilers.  These spoilers are prominent rumors that I have run across through my travel on the Internet.  These spoilers might be true or they might be foilers released to through you off; I will let the reader be the judge. 

****If you do not want to know what happens in the future to these shows, please stop reading, you will thank me later.*****


BSG CrewThe season finale, scheduled to air March 25th, is packed with so much drama, I don’t know where to begin.  So, let’s start with trial of the century, no I am not speaking of OJ, but Baltar.  The trial gets hot and heavy and there are consequences all around – Dualla leaves Lee Adama because his represents Baltar.  Since the prosecution has circumstantial evidence of his role in the Cylon attack on the 12 colonies, Baltar can only be tried for the crimes against humanity on New Caprica.  We also discover during President Roslin’s testimony that her cancer has come out of remission.  Despite Gaeta’s lies on the stand about Baltar’s roll on New Caprica, Baltar is found not guilty – thanks in large part of Apollo’s defense. 

Okay, here is what everyone has been waiting for: the revealing of the last five Cylon models – Saul Tigh, Chief Galen Tyrol, Sam Anders, and Tory Foster (Roslin’s aide).  But they don’t know it themselves.  Okay everyone can now shut there mouths.  I had the same reaction.  However if you notice there are only four listed.  Although the identity of the fifth Cylon has not been leaked, speculation is running high that it will be Starbuck, especially since you’ll be seeing her again.   

If these revelations are true, it opens a lot of questions.  If the Chief is a Cylon, the Hera is not the only Cylon-human baby, so is she really all that special?  If Anders is Cylon, why didn’t they “activate” him when he was on Caprica running the resistance?  If Tigh is a Cylon, how could he kill his own wife for being a Cylon collaborator?  Did Starbuck really die? That’s all I’m giving you.  You’ll have to see how all these gory details came to play.  Just listen for a little Bob Dylan.  😉


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  1. Nice post, I especially like all the links 😉

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