What are you fantasying about?

Albert PujolsWow, I just realized how much of a geek I am, (laughter ensues and an “I told you so” from the readers is echoed throughout America).  Okay, now let’s get back to business.  The epiphany of a being a geek came to me as I just finished my fantasy baseball draft.  It wasn’t the draft that made me realize this fact, but the rushing the twins through dinner and their baths just so I can participate on time for the live draft for the baseball league I joined at work.  Can I get a resounding – G E E E E E K?!!! 


It’s just not baseball, but also basketball, football, and occasionally golf – and, if you count March Madness, that too.  Guess you can say I am obsessed with sports.  Okay you “armchair psychologists,” batter up!!! It is time for you all to theorize why fantasy sports have become so popular with not only yours truly, but with a majority of men between the ages of 21-55.  Would it be the allure to follow or draft your favorite player(s) and watch how they perform throughout the season?  Could it be the competition against your peers for money or bragging rights as champion?  Would it be the love of sports?  Who knows??? 


That is for you “armchair psychologist” to figure out.  As for me, I would say it is the competition against my friends and fellow co-workers that allures me along with the love of sports.   Whatever it is, I find myself watching sports and analyzing the box scores a lot closer now than ever before.  The enjoyment of football that I loved growing up with has now becomes an obsession for me.  I must know how certain players and teams are doing and if I scored enough points to beat my opponent in my fantasy league.  Yes, sad – I am a sad, sad man.


But, I am not the only one.  A CNN Money article form August 2006, states that there are 15 to 18 million fantasy sports players in the U.S. and the hobby continues to grow 7 to 10 percent each year.  A staggering statistic for all of you that called me a geek!   If the participant numbers didn’t stun you, how about this:  Fantasy leagues are a billon-dollar-a-year business that has spawned not only dedicated TV and radio shows, but magazines too.


Now, everyone fess us.  Which sports are you dying to participate in a fantasy league?  And who – co-workers, friends, in-laws, your wife – are you eager to beat in this contest?


One response to “What are you fantasying about?

  1. Forget this fantasy stuff, bring on the real boys of summer! Can’t wait the baseball season to start.

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