Is it November 2008 Already?

Seal of the President of the United StatesCan someone please let me know when the Presidential election begins starting two years out?  Besides starting earlier than past elections, the biggest problem I have with this year’s election is the amount of declared candidates that are currently holding public office.  For instance, on the Democratic side there are six declared candidates who are currently holding elected office either as the State Executive or in the United States Congress.  Likewise on the Republican side, there are three declared candidates holding office in the United States Congress.    I guess the question that I would like to ask is don’t these nine candidates have day jobs?  By day jobs, I mean serving the public that already elected them!    It’s two years out and these candidates are already out campaigning full time to be elected to a new office.  Don’t these candidates have an obligation to their constituents who placed in them in office?  If they are out there campaigning just about 24/7, how can they be in touch with the various issues that are crossing the Executive Statehouse and House/Senate floor daily?  And not just the candidate – you know that their staffers are all working on the campaign too, instead of the issues for their current office. I tell you, if I was opening looking for another job at my current employer, they would fire me for not fulfilling my obligation to them.  So, if these nine candidates were serious about running for the Presidential, why don’t they just resign their seat?  As voter, I would find their message a bit more meaningful knowing they are committed to their cause 100%, instead of hedging their bets with their current job and possible future job.  What do you all think?   


4 responses to “Is it November 2008 Already?

  1. So, it’s true that all these elected leaders are ignoring their current jobs (to a point) while they campaign. But, have you ever quit your current job before looking for the next job? ;-P

  2. Yes, I have quit my job before I found another one. It is not too uncommon for someone to do so in the work place. Then again, Sen. Dole not only stepped down from the leadership post in the Senate, but he also gave up his seat for a run at the Presidency, unfortunately it did not work, too bad for him and the country. So, it can be done. These candidates just want to have their cake and eat too.

  3. I agree that most people won’t quit their jobs to look for another (I have). But they look for these jobs on their own time after hours, they don’t publicly pursue the job hunt during working hours.

    It’s one thing to have someone run some numbers to see if you could be a contender. I think it’s probably even acceptable that the year up to the election is used campaging. But two years out! Some of these people will spend a majority of their current office term campaigning.

    And we wonder why nothing ever gets accomplished in government!

  4. You are SO right! Thank God none of them are officials that represent us (and by “us” I mean central Virginians). It drives me crazy that this is so prominent in the news right now. The hell with them. I get so tired of the campaigning and mudslinging…2 years of it will be nothing but a circus. Oh help….

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