Politics – anything goes?

Okay, one of my goals with my blog was not to make this a political forum for all to discuss or, in some cases, to give right/left wingers a place to attack my readers.  However, when I do see a political item that is a bit over the top or just plain absurd, I, as a good American, am obligated to point it out. Finish Politics - Klingon StyleIn this case, this is a political item – not in United States, but of all places – in Finland.  A Finish politician who is running for reelection for parliament has decided to translate his campaign website into Klingon.  Klingon?  Are you kidding!!!!  How many Trekies are inFinland?  This something I would expect in California politics not in Finland.  I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.  I wonder if this would help Edwards.  Naw….


2 responses to “Politics – anything goes?

  1. Makes you wonder how he got elected the first time?

  2. If this is seriously something that helped him get elected, remind me never to move to Finland! Too much snow for brains?

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