Ode to the DVR

DVRJust to reset for a moment, there might be few of my readers out in cyber land that do not realize that my domestically challenged wife gave birth to twins just about 2 years ago.  Since then a number of things have changed in our lives.  One in particular is the increased amount of TV we are now watching (if you haven’t guessed yet, we do not get out much).  In watching TV with twins, a normal hour program now takes us two hours or longer. We often have to stop our viewing due to minor twin emergencies (read: the volume level of the twins, to stop a fight over a particular toy, to kiss a boo-boo or to change a diaper).   To assist us in keeping up with our favorite programs and to allow us to change the multiple diapers we are occasionally swamped with while not missing any TV, we enlisted a bit of help – the Digital Video Recorder (DVR).  At first both my wife and I were a bit skeptical that the DVR would serve our purposes and that the $10 extra monthly fee from our cable company would be worth it.  With in just a few short hours, the DVR became our best friend.  Okay let me clarify something before my loyal readers start yelling at me, the Dyson has lost its best friend status, you could say it is my right hand man.  Okay, let’s move on.  Where was I…oh yeah my man-crush on the DVR.  I guess I have more than a crush, since I now have three DVRs if you count the one I built into my PC.  The DVRs now allows my wife and me the flexibility to watch our favorite programs like Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, etc. at our leisure without missing an episode.   It is also a great vehicle for recording children’s programs like the Wiggles so we can keep the kids occupied during those occasional meltdowns.  One of the other fanatical features I found with the DVR is the pausing of live time.  Trust me it comes in handy when a game is on and I run out of beer.  All I have to do is pause the TV which gives the wife time to get a fresh beer for her loveable husband without missing any of the action.  Wow, what a concept!  So, if I had to rank the top 10 consumer inventions since 1971 (in no particular order), it would fallacious not to include the DVR on that list.  I can hear you all now, what is on Rob’s Top 10 consumer inventions since 1971 list?  Well, here you go sports fans – 

  1. DVR
  2. PC
  3. Internet
  4. Cable TV
  5. HDTV
  6. Cell phones
  7. Digital Cameras
  8. Satellite Radio
  9. MP3 players
  10. Disposable diapers

To recap, DVR good…no DVR is bad.  If you are a TV junkies, like my wife and me, or busy people that still needs that TV fix, I would highly recommend getting a DVR from your cable company, Replay TV, or TIVO. 


2 responses to “Ode to the DVR

  1. First of all, get your own damn beer!

    Yes, I love my DVR. The record series features is my hero!

    And as a mom of twins still in diapers, I think disposable diapers should be higher on the list (I know, I know, it’s not in any order) along with any toy that occupies them when I need to get something done.

    And tell the truth, you watch the Wiggles just as often as the twins!

  2. I agree with you Rob over te DVR I am trying to convince Patti that I need one for the bedroom so that way I can record twice as many programs. I would like to know how you built one in your computer because Iwould like to do that.

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