Random Thoughts

  • TKOn Monday March 6th the world became right again.  Tony Kornheiser is back on the air on XM Chanel 144.  What a pleasure to hear again TK’s personal stories, random thoughts, Snackdown, Tony’s mailbag, and his array of fabulous guest – Junior, Al Michaels, Michael Wilbon, etc.  I guess if you had to categorized my enjoyment of TK on the air, one could say that I have a man crush on the one and only Mr. Tony.
  • Even thought I am a Dell man, I find the Apple/Mac commercials wicked awesome.
  • What is America’s obsession with American Idol?  I ponder this while my lovely wife and I slow get suck into this abyss of guilty pleasure.
  • I found that 24 & Heroes is must see TV…however, network presidents must be evil to have both of these quality shows on at the same time on Monday nights.
  • Who would have thought Captain America would die?  End of era…
  • How come all we see is American celebrities promoting 3rd world poverty as a heroic mission, but while the poverty here at home goes unnoticed?  When do we as Americans take care of our own?
  • Sirius Sirius Radio, XM XM Radio, or both?
  • After a bit of a rocky start, Lost is starting to fire on all cylinders heading toward yet another climatic cliffhanger to end the 3rd season…will my petition be heard?  Kill the hobbit???

8 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. Stacey Shaffer

    Come on Rob, haven’t you hear of TIVO or burning it to dvd yet?

  2. Yeah, you are correct; DVRs are a must when these evil network presidents manipulate the viewing schedule at they have done this year. With that say, we have discovered having twins, DVRs are must in order get anything watched throughout the week. So we have invested in three DVDs throughout the house along with two DVD burners…I can honestly say that DVRs rank right up there with the invention of the incandesce light bulb

  3. Hey Rob, Im with you about Lost, but every week Dave and I get caught up in the whole episode! as for Idol, well lets just say that Sanjaya ( spelling) needs to go! what was America thinking letting Sundance leave? oh well! Coll websight, thanks for letting me know about it…..

  4. Sorry should have said COOL not COLL, its early!

  5. No, I’m not yet hooked on American Idol. It’s not appointment television, it’s nothing-else-is-on television. I still hate reality shows, but it beats watching reruns.

  6. OK – so I know I am just now catching up on a few days worth of posts, here. But, Rob, seriously…kill the Hobbitt?? Can’t we have ONE happy couple on the island? Please?

    Let’s kill the American Idol – I’d be happier with that option. 🙂

  7. Emily, we have two happy couples in Lost that are happy, Rose & Benard along with Kim & Jin…all that Charlie does is whine and take of space. Happy, Clair is just using him for cheep labor as childcare center. So, I still advocate in killing the Hobit! However, I do see your point of view and glad I recieved a shout out from you.

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