New Age Earrings

Bluetooth Cell HeadsetOver the last year I have been noticing a bit of trend in everyday society.  The incorporation of new earrings by both male and females…earrings, what do you mean, earrings and why do ask?  Well, I guess that are not earrings as we might traditionally think, these are Bluetooth Headsets from our cell phones.  To me they look like earrings.  I guess you are wondering why I am writing about this.  Well, no particular reason at all except that through my daily observations I have found 3 out of 5 people are wearing these “earrings.”  Granted my observation is not a scientific study by any proportions.  But I do find it interesting we now live such busy lives that we must be connected 24/7, that if we miss that all important phone call while we are out grave consequences will occur in our lives.  I just wonder when, as a society, did we get this point that talking on the phone is more important than interacting with people around us?


6 responses to “New Age Earrings

  1. Well, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until they make Bluetooth surgical ear implants. At least then the obsessiveness will be harder to notice!

    Marc 🙂

  2. Stacey Shaffer

    For those of us that use these new “earrings” as you call them, it is much better to have them while driving, that way there are 2 hands on the wheel. These type of devices are required now if you need to talk on your phone on the base as well.

  3. Doesn’t everyone drive like my wife with no hands on the steering wheel???

  4. Ever notice that the people who wear them are not people that you have to get in touch with 24/7? I can only think of a few people who need that kind of communication (President Bush comes first to mind) and yet you never see them wearing it. Unless you are diffusing a bomb, what’s the deal? And why do you have to talk on the phone while driving anyway? Just weighing in with my two cents.

  5. Thank you Becky, I can always count my fellow Republican to have my back.

  6. I agree that it’s better for someone to use the bluetooth earpiece while driving (BTW, I have a handsfree option on my phone. It’s when I check and answer the blackberry that drives Rob nuts).

    But do people really need the earpiece in a restaurant, sitting in their office (we have several at my work who do this) or at the National Zoo (yes, we saw more than one there)!???

    Even I leave my blackberry (or as my darling husband refers to it as my “crack”) at home sometimes.

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