Dyson - DC15   Several years ago for a wedding gift, my lovely wife and I were given a vacuum cleaner.  I know, you wondering where this is going…a blog on a vacuum cleaner, “oh my God”.  Before you move your mouse to the address bar and type in a new web address, please take a minute and read my tale about discovery of the greatest vacuum cleaner man has ever made – The Dyson.  Having a home of two dogs, 21 month twins, and a domesticatedchallenged wife, one can image the amount of dirt and grim one household can create in a day much less a week.  Due to these parameters, our 10 year old vacuum that was given to us as wedding gift could not keep up.  So the wife and I made the decision, it was time to retire the old Eureka to the vacuum
Valhalla.  After several tears, the search was on for replacement of our old friend.  I took to the web for research…I went to site after site, to my surprise I kept running across strong/positive customer reviews of one particular manufacture – Dyson.  I read customer review after customer review, each writer kept publishing positive review after another, almost cultlike dedication to this vacuum maker.  Kind a scary…I started to ask myself, what is this alliance to this vacuum maker?  Is this vacuum this good to have such a loyal following?  Are these people drinking some kind of Dyson Kool-Aid?  The only way I could get a satisfactory answer was to take the plunge and purchase one, which I did.  I purchased the Dyson DC15 Animal.  To my breathtaking amazement, the reviews I had read are true!  The Dyson is nothing but prefect…I am talking a perfect “10”…Okay, I can already see some of you older readers now having images of Bo Derek now running through your head…before we digress any more, let’s get back to the story at hand.  This machine picks up everything, dog hair, dirt that I did not have any idea existed in my carpets, food, and etc…  Since this vacuum is bag-less, you can actually see what is coming out of your carpets.  I will tell you, I had know idea how dirty my carpets were…trust me, I vacuumed every week with my old vacuum and thought the carpets were clean, but the Dyson turned my statement into a myth…  The Dyson picked so much dirt from the carpets, the feel afterwards with my bare feet felt as the carpet was band new…  Wow, what a machine.   Not only did I make a great investment; I now have a new best friend…so hear me know and say it later, buy a Dyson!


6 responses to “Dyson

  1. I have never used a Dyson. (We have all hardwood floors and tile, so sweeping and mopping do the trick.) But, my parents got one about a year back. They rave about it. The funniest part is that my father actually *likes* vacuuming now. I think the Dyson must appeal to the innate male desire for gadgets and technology.

    Love the blog and look forward to reading future entries!

    Marc 🙂

  2. I have a better Dyson story for you. I worked retail for 9 years and for 7 and 1/2 of those years as a home store manager. So when the Dyson was launched my store carried it and I could not imagine spending that much for a vac. And since Rob’s god-daughter was born in 2005 I have been a stay at home mom with the 2 kids a dog and a cat. My husband works for Lowe’s and in December the employees were given coupon books. In this book of treasures there was a 15% off of Dysons so I went in to the store and we talked about it and decided that we would make this our gift for each other for X-mas( I know really romantic–but it was very practical). Gerald talked to the specalist in appliances to find out which one was discountinued to see if we may be able to get a little better deal. Now we figured with Gerald’s coupon and his discount we were looking at around $300. My husband came home the next day with a Dyson DC14 Animal(retails for $550) for $75. So not only to I have a wonderful vac at a TERRIFIC deal, but my husband actually vacuums–Now that is PRICELESS.

  3. I truly enjoyed ready this blog and if I had carpets in my home I would consider an investment in a Dyson. Such a review for such a machine, I think you should write to Dyson and let them know your feelings. People are quick to make their dislikes known, I think you should pass on your possitive comments to Dyson also.
    Your Blog has interesting reading, thanks, I’ll keep checking it.

  4. I once had an an employee at one of my hotels named John Dyson. He was a good controller, but a male version of the “cat lady.”

  5. Patti, what a deal!!! Congratulations, not only for getting such a great deal, but getting Gerald to do house work. Now that was a coup!

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